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The Anti ragging Cell is constituted as per directions from the Government, University and the Supreme Court of India. The Cell constantly monitored the activities of the students throughout the year. The Cell was extra vigilant during the period immediately following the new admissions to new academic programmes. A Helpline to report and prevent ragging cases is established. A notice is being at a prominent place in the college as warning regarding ragging as per Supreme Court direction.

Anti Ragging Committee
Dr Deepa K.S (Convenor, Department of English :9447646376)
Dr. G.N Prakash (Department of Mathematics :9447975520)
Dr Biju Lona (Department of Mathematics : 9447725876)
Sunil Kumar M (Department of Econimics : 9495038449)
Sini G (Department of Commerce :9496453819)
Naseer Ponnarath Kunnummal (Department of Political Science :9847219402)
Sajeev Krishnan (Department of Computer Science :9995887603)
Joseph Xavier (Office Superintendent)
Sruthy (Second M.A Political Science)
Sabareesh Ganeshan (Third B.Com)
Busthana Khalid (First B.A Political Science)
Swetha Seshadri (First B.Com)
Anti Ragging Squad
Sreedharan (Convenor, Department of Commerce :9446529352)
Magi P.M (Department of Mathematics: 9495881359)
Ratnakumari K.A (Department of Economics :9446383079)
Sajeev S. Menon (Head of Accountant )
Satheesh K.M (Librarian :9447586562)
Nikhil Varghese (Third B.A Political Science)
K.S Shabas (First M.Com)

Women’s cell

Convener : Prof Magi M Members:  Dr. C.C Babu                   Prof.Sini.G                   Prof Asha Carol Antony Click here to Download Report 2013 -14 Photos

Jagrata samiti

Jagratha  Samithi constituted for the protection of girl students in the campus with the Principal as Chairman, Superintendent of police as convener and women constables, clinical psychologist and others as members

Counseling and Grievance Cell

Girls -  Dr. B.Parvathy Dr. N. Sreerekha Boys  - Dr. Dimpi. V. Divakaran Sri. Shaju Mathew