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Panampilly College Library

The College Library welcomes staff and students from all knowledge areas. Its extensive collections are ideal for in-depth research, and there is a large reading room perfect for private study.

Opening hours

From 9.00 am to 04.30 pm on all working days (without break).

The time may be extended at the request of students and other academics.


Information for new students

Current issues of the various journals received by the college and daily news papers are kept in the library during the working hours.

Students should maintain absolute silence in the library. They should not remove any journal or news paper from the library dogear or tear off pages or pictures or deface the journals in any manner whatsoever.

General Library

The General Library has two sections: 1) Reference Library 2) Lending Library

Reference Library

The books in the reference library and books which are rare and out of print are intended for reference and consultation only within the library. Reference books may be obtained from the Librarian from 09.00 am to 04.30 pm on all working days. The books shall not be taken out of the library except with the special sanction of the Principal.

Lending Library

Open access system is followed in the library which is partially automated. The issue of books from the lending library will be governed by the following rules:

All regular students and staff of this college shall be enrolled as members of the library. Books shall be issued on all working days.

Members are allowed to borrow books at a time as follows:

  1. U.G. students             – two books
  2. P.G. Students             - four books

The books are to be returned by the borrower within a period of 14 days from the date of issue.

General Instructions to the users of the library

  • If the due date falls on a holiday, the book may be returned on the next working day. Students should be in possession of the Identity Card while entering the library.
  • Perfect silence must be observed in the library.
  • Members should deposit their personal belongings at the property space provided at the entrance.
  • Members are expected to be well informed of the notices issued by the Principal/ Librarian from time to time. No excuse will be entertained for ignorance of any information notified earlier.
  • No books shall be kept for more than 14 days by a borrower.
  • If the book is not returned when due or called for, a fine per week of default will be levied.
  • The Principal may call any book borrowed by a student at any time.
  • All marking, underlining, dog-earing etc., in the books are punishable with a fine or with replacement. Books should be returned intact.
  • The students must satisfy themselves as to whether the book issued to them is in good condition, and if it is not, the matter has to be brought to the notice of the Librarian. The borrower shall be held responsible for all damage to books noticed at the time of their return to the Library, and he/she will have to pay the cost of replacement of the book along with any fine imposed by the Principal.
  • If a book is lost by the borrower, the person has to pay the cost of replacement of the book together with fine, if any, that the Principal may impose upon him/her.

Departmental Libraries

In addition to the main library, the collections are complemented by the Departmental Libraries that contain subject-focused material in separate locations attached to various departments in the college. There are four Departmental libraries: Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, and Political Science.






The college has high-speed internet connectivity by a dedicated BSNL OFC.



The Inflibnet (Information Library Network) is available at the college with ten PCs. With the help of the high speed internet, students and teachers can access various libraries and journals the world over. A digital library (D-space) is also set up alongside the Inflibnet.


 UGC's Network Resource Centre (NRC) is set up adjacent to Inflibnet. State-of-the-art facilities such as Inflibnet, NRC and D-Space serve the academic community well in the academic programmes.


Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall of the college is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose hall – cool, tranquil, inspiring and majestic.


Fully air-conditioned, and fitted with a ceiling mounted LCD projector, computer and advanced audio systems, the 58-seater hall is ideal for national and international seminars and workshops. Furnished with higher end wooden furniture supplied by Rubco, and zero-echo walls, the room serves the academic community well in the production and dissemination of new knowledge in emerging areas.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab:

In the Computer lab there are 19 computers with internet facility.  Both Open source and Licensed software available in lab to educate students as per the university syllabus.The BSc Computer Science Lab is attached to the Department of Mathematics





language lab


The much sought after communication and linguistic skills are acquired by the students using a modern Language Lab. 18 students can crack the skill-puzzles at a time with the help of a teacher. The Language Lab is attached to the Department of English.



The College has a Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) having direct interactive link to the educational and other academic programmes organized by the Government of Kerala. The SIT was installed by the Government of Kerala in 2009. The Edusat Terminal room is well equipped and air conditioned. More than 50 students can sit and watch programmes. Live classes on various subjects are available to the students and staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Regular video conferencing is also held by the Director of Collegiate Education.  A variety of programmes are featured every week which have proved to be very effective and useful to the students as well as teachers.

Nodal Officers

Prof. Jeepamol J. Palathingal, Asst Professor of Mathematics,  Mob: + 91 99958 87603

Prof. Sajeev Krishnan M.A., Asst Professor of Computer Science, Mobile: +91 94473 52943

Smart Classrooms





 The College Auditorium came into being at a cost of Rs.10 lakh from the MP-LADS fund of Sri K.Karunakaran, Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha) in 2000-'01. The project was implemented in connection with the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the college. It was inaugurated by Sri K. Karunakaran on Dec 17, 2001.

The auditorium can comfortably seat 300 persons. It has a large stage with necessary support facilities with a C-curtain at the front. The building is currently undergoing further modernization with the financial support of the state government.