Equal Opportunity Centre functions in the college with the financial support and assistance of UGC. The Equal Opportunity Centre project aims to equip the socially and economically disadvantaged/ marginalized students to tap and access the all avenues opened up in the society. It functions as a centre of learning in guidance and counseling in both scholastic and non-scholastic domains of learning to enhance the diversity within the campus and uplift the aforementioned students on par with the mainstream students.

The Programme undertakes all initiatives to sensitize the academic communities on the problem of social exclusion as well as to nourish the aspirations of the marginalized communities. The centre also shoulders the responsibility to disseminate the information related to the schemes and programmes purely intend to enrich the welfare of weaker sections of the society by grooming them and suggesting amicable solutions to the hurdles to achieving the same. In a nutshell, the equal opportunity centre act as a powerful agent in the harmonious development of the targeted group.

Eligible students:- All students belong to SC/ST, Backward and marginalized groups are the direct beneficiaries of the Equal Opportunity Centre.