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College Union

The college union is formed after students’ union election. The term of the Union is generally one year from the date on which the Union assumes office or till the date of the elections of the Union in the subsequent year.After the students’ union election the president of the College union (Principal of the College)will nominate Staff Advisor from the members of the teaching staff of the college after consultation with the executive committee for the college union.

The Union has a Union Council comprising the following office bearers in the year 2023-34:

  • The president of the Union – Principal of the College (ex- officio) : Dr. SHAJU K S
  • The Chairman : ALAN JAMES

  • The Vice-Chairman : SHAHINSHA K S
  • The Secretary : MUHAMMED FAZIL N

  • The Joint Secretary : GIFTY A J

  • The Councilors to the Calicut University : AKSHAI HARIDAS
  • The Secretary, Fine Arts : SURYAGAYATHRY V N

  • The Chief student Editor of the College Magazine : ASSAL P S
  • The General Captain of Sports and Games : MUHAMMED RAIHAN T P
  • The Staff Advisor nominated by the President : Sri. SABU GEORGE
  • The Secretaries of the Mathematics association : SNEHASREE T R

  • The Secretaries of the Commerce association : NANDANA P B

  • The Secretaries of the Political Science association : ANJALI

  • The Secretaries of the Malayalam association : RAGENDHU

  • The Secretaries of the Economics association : AMAL E T
  • The Secretaries of the Physics association : ANAGHA P S

  • Post Graduate (PG) representative : JISHNU M
  • III Year Degree (III DC) representative : ABHAY BABU S

  • II Year Degree (II DC) representative : AMARNADH S

  • I Year Degree (I DC) representative : AL AMEEN K K