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The Department of Economics was established in 1978 with an undergraduate programme and elevated to a post graduate department in 1999. It has seven permanent faculty members with notable academic track record and research activities and class-leading infrastructure facilities. The department offers BA programme, MA programme in Economics and Ph. D programme in Economics.

The BA Economics programme of the department has a matchless curriculum which makes the programme so different from the BA programmes offered by other colleges and is equipping the students to pursue higher studies at national centres of excellence which stipulates that the aspirants have to undergo sufficient number of courses (papers) in Mathematical Economics.

The BA Economics programme of the department is at par with national level standards and offers four courses (papers) in mathematical methods and one course in Statistical methods keeping in view of the increasing application of mathematical methods in economics at international levels.

The MA programme is offering specialisation in Environmental Economics and Health Economics.

A research centre in Economics was started in the year 2015. This is the first research centre in the college.

Apart from that, the unparalleled academic environment, offered by the department, where students are exposed to a learning ambience matching to national level standards, is a well accomplished and widely acknowledged academic reality. The Department of Economics is marching towards newer heights in the core areas such as Curriculum (mentioned above), Faculty, and Infrastructure and Library facilities