PG Programmes

There are four Post Graduate Degree Programmes at the college in the Faculties of Science, Social Science, and Commerce.

  • M. Sc. Mathematics
  • M. A. Economics
  • M. A. Political Science
  • M. A. Malayalam
  • M. Com. Degree Programme

All the Programmes of study are affiliated to the University of Calicut. They follow the newly restructured Choice-based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS). The duration of a Post-Graduate Programme is four semesters in two academic years. The admission schedule is as decided by the University of Calicut. Normally, new admissions take place in June – August closely on the heels of the announcement of the UG exam results of the university.
All the academic programmes are available at a very reasonable fee package, affordable to the majority of the society, as decided by the Government of Kerala and the University of Calicut. All eligible students can avail of fee concessions and stipends under various government, both state and central, schemes.