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The Department of English of the Panampilly College is as old as the college itself. The department takes pride in the fact that its teachers have always shared a strong bond of love and affection with every undergraduate student of the college. For the same reason, the teachers of English have always been engaging themselves in a variety of activities – curricular and co-curricular – besides their normal academic work. English being an international language, the teachers of English ensure that the students are inculcated with a strong natural affinity to the language so that they can communicate effortlessly.

Courses: The department has been engaged in teaching the general English courses since its inception in 1975. After the Restructuring of the Curriculum in the University of Calicut in 1999, the Part I English has been replaced by the Common Courses 1 – 6 which comprise a variety of courses – from Communicative English to a thorough discussion of areas of knowledge of perennial as well as contemporary relevance.

Add-ons: The faculty has never lost any opportunity to offer a new course whenever it came its way. An Add-on course in Communication Skills & English was conducted by the department in 2011-12. The course has proved to be highly effective and successful. The teachers of the department are also effectively handling state government sponsored quality enhancement initiatives such as Scholar Support Programme (SSP) and Walk with a Scholar (WWS).

Research: The department appreciates the fact that research in English language and literature plays a pivotal role in unraveling the complexities of language, culture, and human expression. Hence the department is actively engaged in research as it not only illuminates the rich tapestry of literature but also informs language teaching methodologies.

Library: A very good collection of books in English (approx. 5000) related to language, linguistics, literature and literary studies is proudly maintained by the department in the General Library. The collection is updated and enlarged every year so that when a new programme in English is launched, the students find themselves in the right place for the right thing.

Future Plans: The department believes that integrating English into the NEP ensures that students are equipped with the linguistic skills needed for a competitive, interconnected world, promoting a holistic and globally relevant education system. In pursuance of this belief,
the department is organising itself to launch new academic programmes in English as part of the NEP.