Since NAAC 2009

1. Located on the Chalakudy River, downstream Athirappilly waterfalls
2. Ragging free campus
3. Transparent admission process ensures government reservation norms
4. Empowered women, SC & ST
5. Choice based credit semester system (CCSS) and Grading
6. Interdisciplinary curricula & programme initiatives
7. Well documented student profiles
8. Tutorials, seminars, workshops, invited lectures
9. Visit of nationally & internationally renowned scholars
10. Consistent good results, top grades and ranks; NET & JRF credits
11. Smart classrooms
12. Placement initiatives
13. Free high-speed Internet connectivity
14. Computer lab and INFLIBNET
15. Language Lab
16. Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT)
17. State-of-the-art Seminar Hall and Auditorium
18. UGC’s flagship coaching programmes
19. Multi-skill development programmes by state government
20. Well stacked library
21. E-journals from NLIST; access given to research-oriented general public
22. Magazines, wall magazines & manuscript magazines for creative expressions
23. Vibrant clubs
24. Indoor Stadium, Basketball court, and football ground
25. Achievements in sports & games
26. Outreach programes in neighbourhood
27. Extensive activities by NSS, university level best PO & best unit awards
28. GREEN AUDIT; solid waste management
29. Organic farming; luscious bio –diversity-rich campus
30. Democratically elected students’ union
31. Crowning efforts in cultural fete
32. Subsidised canteen services for students
33. Well maintained women’s hostel
34. Parent Teacher Association
35. Community-institution integration
36. Supportive Alumni
37. University Syndicate member on faculty
38. Members of faculty serving as Chair/Member of BoS/Faculty Member
39. Teachers on assignments of other universities and PSC
40. Teachers associated with Higher Education Council
41. Examination Control Room; IQAC
42. Teacher Publications
43. Collaboration with industry & HEIs
44. College research journal with ISSN
45. Research centre initiatives; strong line-up of PhDs in each department
46. Good Service Entry to Senior Superintendent
47. Staff Club
48. New development initiatives with the patronage of UGC and state government
49. Quarters for Principal, teacher and staff
50. Rapport with MLA, MP, Local Self Government
Development initiatives at the college have been at a much faster pace in the post accreditation era. There has been remarkable improvement in every aspect which has helped the institution to stand on terra firma with its head raised high among the HEIs in Kerala.

1. Quality of educational services offered by the institution has improved. New programmes are being added. The departmental activities have been brought under a transparent system which is being updated and perfected by every passing day. The atmosphere is filled the buzz of workshops, seminars, invited lectures, and visit of international and national level experts.

2. Drop-out rate is minimal, and the performance of the students in the exams is commendable. A fairly good number of students clear NET and JRF consistently. Graduates of the college are selected by centres of excellence such as IIT Mumbai.

3. Skill development programmes are pursued with dedication. Initiatives such as Coaching for entry into service, and Remedial classes are integral part of the

4. Placement services are embedded. Plans are afoot to make serious interventions in this area.

5. The quality of dissemination of knowledge has improved a lot. The college is good example of a perfect mix of experience and energy, a brilliant spectrum of old age and youthfulness. More than 30% of the teachers are PhD holders. Many more are pursuing part time research. A large number of teachers are busy with UGC-MRPs. Sufficient teaching posts have been created and postings made. The number of guest lecturers is negligibly low.

6. Infrastructure facilities are well developed. Assistance flows in from sources such as MLA, state government, and UGC. New books were purchased, e-journals made available, automation installed, Internet came with lightning speed, laptops and PCs queued up, smart boards flashed on walls, and seminar hall and auditorium worked miracles. The image of the college is undergoing a sea change with reflecting floors and new shades on walls.

7. Cultural activities have scaled new heights at the zonal, inter-zonal and south zone levels. Laurels keep flowing in. There is an upsurge of vigour and enthusiasm, all this owing to the well designed master plan charted out with the active involvement of students, teachers, staff, parents and the community. A system is in place, and the graph-line of cultural awakening keeps soaring.

8. Extension activities are taken up at departmental level. Training in language skills are given to the socially disadvantaged groups. Tie-ups are established with LSGs and community linkages formed. NSS concentrates on agriculture, new farming methods, housing schemes for the homeless, empowerment of the marginalised, community services, palliative care, blood bank, human rights and other issues. Hence the best NSS Unit and PO.

9. Organic farming, green campus, herbal garden, natural virgin coppice, no-plastic, renewable energy, waste disposal, campus beautification – a classic example of the other side of an HEI.

10. Development of advanced level sports infrastructure has redrawn the contours of the institution. The basketball court on the campus has hosted zonal tournaments. The five-acre virgin terrain in front of the college has transformed into a modern sports facility with a football ground, and the basic physical infrastructure for an indoor stadium conforming to international standards, thanks to the efforts of Sri BD Devassy MLA who harnessed Rs.3.5 crore from the state government for the project.

11. Women’s hostel and staff quarters are attractions to students as well as principals, teachers and other staff hailing from far off places.

12. An elected Syndicate member from the college, members of Boards of Studies and Faculties, director of the university cooperative society, Board members of panels of QP setters of other universities and PSC, Good Service Entry for Senior Superintendent – these are some of the things that have placed the institution at a prime spot in the galaxy of state’s HEI’s.